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Step-by-step Guide to Buy Facebook Page Verification 

Buy facebook page verification
Buy facebook page verification

Whether you are an influencer, general user, business, or just representing a brand, you can buy Facebook page verification. Having a verification badge is always something you never want to miss. FB’s verification badge allows you to stand apart with an authenticated virtual presence. It also assists you in restricting the fraudulent activities of scammers. Having a blue ticked (gray for small businesses) Facebook account means no one can fake your account to fulfill their unethical intentions.

In contemporary, the Facebook verification badge is considered as a parameter of your virtual status. It not only allows the adoption of a unique virtual identity but also enhances the authenticity and credibility of your posts, statements, and promotions.

With all these crucial aspects of the Facebook verification tag, we bet you are now high on desire and willingness to get one. But, eventually, getting this badge is overwhelming due to the associated requirements and regulations. To avoid the time-consuming and daunting process, we suggest you to buy Facebook page verification from a third party.

Here, we would like to help you in this purchase process by detailing the ins and outs of the process.

Benefits of Facebook Page Verification Badge

Some crucial advantages of the FB verification badge given below:

It Adds Authority

Having a verified account helps you integrate trustworthiness into your statements and product marketing. It creates a sense of credibility and legitimacy, encouraging visitors to rely on you and your brand.

Restricts Copy-Paste Entries

It serves as a filter, assisting customers and visitors to recognize your post from hundreds of similar or the same posts. As an example, if you are an affiliate marketer, there are several others who are selling the same product with nearly the same infographic. In this case, a verified profile or page helps the customer identify your post as official.

Enhanced Ranking

Having a verified account increases your chances of achieving a first-page ranking in the search results. Though it is not officially confirmed by Google, the in-depth observation reveals that verification enables top ranking.

Makes Visitors Feel Secure

If you place yourself in a visitor’s or buyer’s position, you will better understand the value of verifying your Facebook account. The verification badge triggers a higher degree of reliability. If your profile or page has a verified badge, customers feel secure that any post-purchase query, issue, or request will be addressed promptly.

Improved Ad Campaigns

In the current digital marketing context, Facebook ads are crucial to maximising reach and revenue generation. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or representing a brand, getting Facebook verification adds value to the product’s or service’s ad campaigns.

Local Alerts

“Local Alerts” is a fast-forward feature of Facebook. In the case of a post from a verified account, it notifies nearby users on a prompt basis. If you are an influencer or business with a blue-marked account, your posts are subjected to rapid circulation within the respective locality.

Enhanced Protection

With Facebook verification, you also receive many added advantages. First of all, if your account or page is hacked, you can regain control by using two-factor authentication, performing a privacy checkup and a security checkup, and enabling Facebook protection. Secondly, if your account gets hacked and you cannot recover it by yourself, Facebook helps you in real-time, but only if your account is authenticated by them.

Providing Opinions on Every Matter

Facebook is also a renowned medium for educating people about social, economic, environmental, and political issues. Considering the high level of criticality of these matters, Facebook only allows verified account holders to advertise these issues. If you are a social activist or someone with a greater concern for overall betterment, you must have a verified account to inform and educate people about a certain issue.

What are the Requirements to Get Facebook Verification Badge?

Below are the requirements, detailing how to verify your profile or page.


Here, authenticity refers to the physical and real presence of an individual, business, or brand. If you want to get verified by Facebook’s authority, you need to prove your physical identity or your business’s identity.


Before proceeding with verification approval, Facebook checks for the unique presence of the person or business. This social media platform allows one badge per entity. You should know that Facebook generally doesn’t verify general interest-related pages. If you are running a page regarding mental wellbeing, it is most likely that your page will not get verified. On the other hand, a page linked to a renowned publication on the same subject has a higher chance of becoming verified.


To get Facebook authentication, all the available sections need to be filled up with the appropriate information. The more details you insert, the better.


The profile or page related to a person, business, or entity should be recognizable locally. The page or profile owner’s presence and contribution should receive higher appreciation from the audience.

Follower Number

It is not officially described, but observation indicates that you must have more than 500 followers to achieve the verification mark.

Required Documents

To verify a personal profile, you have to submit a phone number, email address, and identification proof like a driving license, national ID card number, social security number, or passport number. For businesses, in most cases, the required documents are phone numbers, email addresses, and identification proof, such as business licences, taxpayer details, or bills.

High-quality Content

Your profile’s or page’s authentication is vitally dependent on the quality of the posted contents. You must consider posting contents that are well-formatted, informative, add value, and can grab readers’ attention.

Regular Posting

It is another essential criterion to get authentication from Facebook on the first try. We suggest you schedule your posting times. For instance, you should consider maintaining regular intervals. If you decide to post two contents per week, be strict on the day and time of posting. If you choose every Saturday and Tuesday at 9.00 PM, stick to that schedule.

Ensure Engagement

Try to read and respond to comments. If anyone submits a comment with negative feedback, respond to that respectfully and professionally. Please note that here you are not just responding back to the visitors’ feedback, but you are building your reputation. So, the choice of words and understanding of the perspective matters a lot.

Pro-Tips for Getting Facebook Verified

  • Keep your profile or page highly professional.
  • Always update information and data.
  • Collaborate with other online brands and properties.
  • Include objectives, mission, vision, code of ethics, etc.

How to Buy Facebook Page Verification?

If you search on Google or locally, you can find individuals and organizations to buy Facebook page verification. You can contact them and get your profile or page authenticated by paying the requested charges.

Be aware, many agencies or organizations are going to offer you various nice-sounding packages but all are not committed to importing results. If you fail to contact the right seller, you are certainly going to lose your valuable time and money. Additionally, their inappropriate actions may result in banning your Facebook profile or page permanently.

So, be cautious in the buying process and choose an experienced and result-oriented service provider like us.

Why Should You Buy Facebook Page Verification From Us?

To be honest with you, getting a Facebook verification badge is theoretically a piece of cake. But, in actuality, there are always rejections. Even numerous high-quality pages and profiles fail to achieve the blue check mark. By addressing all the associated challenges while saving you time, our organization can provide you with the Facebook blue checkmark at an affordable price.

For many years, numerous clients have sought our assistance to buy Facebook page verification. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise always bring 100% results. With the guaranteed Facebook verification badge, the below factors have made us a market dominator.

  • Before proceeding, we conduct in-depth research on your profile or page to identify negative issues and consisting.
  • We provide value-for-money solutions.
  • After verification, the status becomes permanent. The badge doesn’t disappear after a few days.
  • We reply to clients within 24 hours.
  • Our team members have extensive experience and are problem solvers.
  • We can bring positive results to even the worst Facebook accounts.
  • Transparant policies and no hidden cost associated.
  • We are very strict about our commitments.
  • Job done within the deadline.
  • Our top priority is customers’ satisfaction.

Our Working Process

We always provide top-notch solutions at affordable prices. While prioritizing customer satisfaction as our top concern, we strictly flow below working process.

  • At first, you need to contact us with your profile or page details.
  • Upon receiving this information, our experts will check your profile and page.
  • Following this, we will contact you with an asking price. Also, you can choose from ready-made packages that incorporate your needs.
  • After an agreement is signed by both parties, we start our work.
  • And, upon receiving the badge, the process to buy Facebook verified badge is complete.

Please note that we are dedicated and will complete the job within the agreed timeframe.

Buy Facebook Page Verification Today

Now you know the ins and outs of getting a Facebook page verification. So why delay? Go to the requirements section and gather the details as we mentioned. Insert all those in the application form and submit it. Also, you may find our offering more suitable if you want your “Facebook Blue Tick Mark” today without any hassle. In such a case, please do contact us.


Here are some queries related to “Buy Facebook Page Verification” that our customers ask most often.

1. Is my account eligible for verification?

Once you contact us, we will check your profile or page in detail. Upon close examination, we will notify you whether you are eligible or not to get a verification badge. In addition, in the case of ineligibility, we will suggest strategies to improve your account.

2. Do I need a certain number of followers to get verified?

There is no official statement about the required follower number. Nonetheless, we recommend that you have at least 500 followers before proceeding with the authentication process.

3. Will my verification badge on Facebook stay permanently?

If you use our service, we ensure that the badge is permanent. But you should know that if you violate any Facebook policy, they will revoke the badge.

4. What is the difference between blue and gray verification badges?

Facebook generally issues two types of badges: blue and gray. Blue is for personal accounts, and gray is for particular business accounts.

5. Can I buy Facebook page verification without being famous?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned requirements and form-filling section. With the required data and documents, you have to fill out the verification badge application form. Facebook will review those, and if everything goes well, you will get your badge.

6. How long does it take to get authenticated on Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t ensure a time limit. You should receive your verification badge within 2 to 45 days.


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