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Buy IOS App store Reviews : Increase your IOS App Ranking and Attract more sales


In the current digital age, almost every business has shifted operations online. As expected, apps are being developed daily, with every developer promising to solve a particular user need in the most efficient way possible. A quick visit to app stores, both for android or apple users, and you will see the numerous mobile applications that are available today. Buy IOS App Store Reviews

If you are a new developer and thinking of creating a new app, you may have a difficult time getting online visibility and generating the desired sales and downloads for the app. Therefore, the major question for app developers becomes: How does one ensure that new apps get featured on the app store and attract the target market?

App Reviews and Ratings

App reviews and ratings are some of the most important factors that influence the growth of apps on the IOS app store. Just like with any other online sales, customers always refer to the featured reviews to determine whether a certain app is worth using. Generally, when a customer has tried and enjoyed the functionality of an app, the customer may choose to leave positive feedback on the app store. The positive reviews could highlight the app’s positive features and recommending the app to other users.

Disappointments with an app, on the other hand, could lead customers to give negative reviews, which in turn discourages other users from downloading the app. Therefore, the reviews and ratings on the various app on the IOS play store have a direct impact on the number of sales and downloads the apps generate. Buy IOS App Store Reviews


What are the Advantages of Positive App Reviews?

Research has shown that a good number of Apple users tend to believe the reviews and ratings given to various applications on the IOS app store. A positive online review is similar to a recommendation from a friend and leads more people to feel confident paying for an app, and to an extent, influences user experience.

More Downloads

As an app developer or marketer, you need to optimize your new apps for higher ranking and visibility on the app store. A user is likely to encounter several apps on the IOS play store, all promising to provide the desired service. However, the factor that will mostly drive the user to download the app is the number of positive reviews and app ratings. Therefore, more positive reviews on an app will lead to more downloads, hence, higher profits.

Higher ranking

The apps with higher ratings and more positive feedback from customers are also more visible on the app store. You’ll find that the most popular apps always appear at the top of the app store search engine results. Such apps always have loads of positive feedback from various users and some of the reviews also appear alongside the featured apps.

If you want your app to get featured on the IOS app store and enhance online visibility, you need to work on your reviews. The more reviews an app has, the more popular the search engine bots take the app to be, hence the higher rating and enhanced online visibility. With time, more users will get to know about your app, which leads to a spike in the number of sales.

Buying Reviews

Since the reviews and ratings should be from existing users, new apps could take some time before gaining the desired publicity. Old apps that already have a large clientele base and many reviews, on the other hand, continue getting exposure due to the existing reviews and ratings, thus, continually generating profit. Instead of waiting for your organic reviews and ratings to increase to compete effectively with the already established brands, you can choose to buy some reviews and ratings from a reviews provider.

Paid-for reviews will just be as effective as organic reviews from real users. The other online users have no way of telling if the reviews on the various apps are from real customers or a service provider. Therefore, instead of waiting years for your customer base to grow for your app to get online visibility, buying a few positive reviews from a reputable provider will give your app the desired boost. With time, other users will notice your app, thus, increasing sales.

Is it safe to buy App Reviews?

Apple has come up with strict measures to curb developers from using unfair means to rank apps. Since paid-for reviews are not real, Apple discourages the use of the service. However, several brands are still using paying for reviews.

With time, Apple has developed superb algorithms that can tell if the featured reviews are real or fake. If you are planning to buy reviews, therefore, always ensure that you get the reviews from a reputable service that assures safety. Otherwise, your app could end up getting banned, and the reviews pulled down. Buy IOS App Store Reviews

Where to Buy Quality IOS App Reviews and Ratings

When buying reviews for your app, always ensure you are dealing with a professional service that will guarantee your safety and deliver the promised results. The following guidelines should help you spot an efficient service provider.

1. Avoid Buying From Bot Farms

Reviews from bots are the first thing that app store algorithms flag for fake reviews. You should always ensure that the service providing the reviews uses real humans in the process, rather than bots. Bots cannot phrase reviews in human prose, and the reviews, therefore, appear fake. Such reviews attract penalties.

2. Don’t Pay Too Much

You should also be keen not to pay too much for the reviews. Ensure to do thorough research before buying reviews from review service providers to avoid being scammed. Generally, the available providers charge similar prices.

3. Check Customer Support

Customer support is very important when dealing with any service provider. Before deciding to buy reviews from any service, check if the service has efficient customer support. The customer service should be ready to answer whatever concerns you may have.

4. Don’t Trust Any Reviews Provider

Today, many services claim to provide quality IOS app reviews. However, not all providers are genuine. Always do your research before choosing a seller, to avoid getting conned.

5. Buy Some Installs

Some sellers also offer app installs, which is a good thing. App installs make your marketing efforts more effective as the app store search engine bots can tell that your app has been downloaded and used, which explains the reviews.

6. Don’t Buy Many Reviews At A Time

Finally, avoid buying too many reviews at a time. Remember that Apple has invested in technology to spot fake reviews, and too many reviews at a single time can sell you out. Avoid sellers that provide many reviews at a time as the services could be using bots to generate reviews.

Our Company

We are an established service providing quality reviews and ratings for apps on the IOS app store. If you are an IOS app developer or marketer, you can use our service to get quality app reviews and ratings to improve your ranking and generate more sales.

We aim to help new developers get visible online and reach the desired target market.

Why Choose Us?

We have been providing quality IOS app reviews for more than 10 years now, and our service has helped countless apps generate the desired sales and downloads online. If you are looking for an effective seller to provide quality IOS reviews, you can count on our service to deliver the desired results.

The following factors make our service stand out in the field.

Affordable Prices

Though we do not aim to be the cheapest service provider in the market, our prices are quite decent. We deliver quality service at a reasonable price that is affordable by many, without compromising on quality.


We have been in the app review service for close to a decade now and provided quality service to thousands of clients. Our experience in the field makes us a suitable seller as we know all tricks in the book. We have hundreds of positive feedback from clients that have used our service. The positive feedback we have is proof of the expertise we offer in the field.


Safety should be the number one concern when buying reviews online. Lucky for you, we have been in the field for a long time. We know all the tactics that search engine bots use to flag fake reviews. Therefore, we promise to offer quality reviews that will pass all tests and guarantee your safety.

All our reviews get published, so you should soon start getting the desired results and increase profit.

24/7 Customer Support

We also have quality customer support to ensure all your concerns are handled. If you have any questions in the course of our interaction, you can use the available chat tool to speak with our representatives, who will answer all your questions.


App reviews and ratings have been proven to be an important factor influencing the growth and success of mobile apps. That is why our service is dedicated to helping boost your visibility and brand’s success by providing quality reviews and app ratings. If you are looking for a convenient service to provide positive reviews and ratings for your IOS apps, you can count on our service for efficient service delivery. Contact us today to get started.

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